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Brown Sugar Baked Ham

Brown Sugar Baked Ham
SKU: SA-103
Ham baked with brown sugar and cloves. Served thick hand sliced.
Standard tray size contains approximately 20 servings
Food Type: Pork
Price: $90.00
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"can't wait to order again"

Franklin Osgrove on Thursday, August 25, 2011 11:31:28 AM


Please tell us what you think of this item.: Please do let the fact that it took me almost 1 year to write this review reflect on my feelings for this dish. We found Shadow Chef online last year and decided to order a few items for our Christmas dinner. This ham was superb. Tender and flavorful. It was even delicious a few days later in sandwiches. However, to the powers that be: I suggest that you get a better picture. The ham does not look like this picture and this picture does not look as delicious as the real thing.