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Past Client Menu: Kendra's Graduation Party

Price: $370.00
List Price: $390.00
You Save: $20.00
SKU: SE-108
One of our past clients, Kendra, created this menu for her graduation party. It's a great menu that is light enough to allow people to mingle yet heavy enough for your guests to feel full at the end of the event.

Calypso Chicken Wings- approx. 50 pieces
Fried Chicken Skewers- approx. 40 pieces
Hawaiian Meatballs- approx. 75 pieces
Macaroni Pie- approx. 25 pieces
Rainbow Salad with Ranch Dressing- approx. 24 servings
Coco Bread- approx. 4 dozen dinner sized rolls

Includes buffet serving utensils for each dish.
This menu serves approximately 30-35 people.
No substitutions please.
Food Type: Mixed
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